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IMPROVE Your Business (IYB)


IYB stands for “Improve Your Business,” which is a training course designed to help entrepreneurs and small business owners enhance their business skills. The IYB course is a part of the SIYB training package which provides a systematic approach in operating a business. IYB can help you to become more efficient and increase your profit once you have started your business.

What is this training about?

The core focus of this training is “How to improve the performance of your business”. It will train you to on how to sustain your business by increasing sales and reducing costs. IYB training programme consist of six core areas required for business sustainability-

(i)  Marketing

(ii) Costing

(iii) Buying & stock control

(iv) Record keeping

(v) Planning for your business and

(vi) People & Productivity

For whom ?

Owners & Managers of small enterprises

How will you benefit from this course?

  • Marketing module will focus on how you can increase sales by attracting and retaining customers and increasing business profits in the long term.
  • The Costing module will focus on how you can calculate the cost of the goods or services offered by your business.
  • The Buying & Stock control module will focus on the purchasing procedures and inventory management in order to make business investment efficient.
  • The Recordkeeping module will focus on how you can identify records that are important for your business, how to keep the records ad how to use them to  improve business performance
  • The Planning for your business will focus on how you can run your business more efficiently if you prepare plan for the different areas of operation.
  • The People & Productivity module will focus on how you can increase the business productivity by following better recruitment procedures, adequately motivating and rewarding your employees and maintaining good relations with your suppliers and the community in which you operate.

After successful completion of the course a certificate will be issued

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