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Prof. Sunil Somarajan

Certified Business Trainer & Coach

A well qualified management professional with wide experience spanning more than four decades in senior leadership roles of business enterprises and vocational education &  training organisations.

Sunil Somarajan



Starting a small business is an exciting venture that can lead to personal fulfillment and financial independence. However, it’s also a journey filled with challenges and learning experience.

Traditionally, a 9 to 5 job has been synonymous with stability- a steady income, predictable hours and often a sense of security. However, this workscape is changing. Economic fluctuations, technological advancements and the rise of gig economies have introduced new uncertainties into traditional employment.

However. Start-up India, Make in India, Ease of doing business, the low operational cost in comparison with other nations, and the huge Indian market with a rapidly increasing middle class, have created a vibrant business environment. This has prompted an attitudinal shift in the mindset of the present generation from job seekers to job providers.

On the contrary, many business fail due to mismanagement, such as non-assessment of readiness to start a business, improper business idea, lack of technical knowledge or skill, inadequate market research, poor planning, absence of appropriate business plan, shoddy cash flow management, not embracing  digital solutions, outdated practices, neglecting the customer, not building a strong customer base, locational disadvantage, not asking for help or advice etc.

Appropriately, the International Labour Organisation (ILO) of the United Nations have developed these simple and easy-to-understand business management courses for potential and existing entrepreneurs which will help you to start and operate your business successfully.

I have finsihed my MBA course. Why should I attend a Management Programme?
Elsa John

Traditionally, many of us may think that we can start a business and succeed in it but most often end up in failure. Such failures can be contributed to our lack of requisite business management skills for entrepreneurship. It is guaranteed that our training and follow-up coaching will empower you to become a successful entrepreneur.

The International Labour Organisation  accredited Sunil Somarajan as a Certified SIYB Trainer competent to conduct training on GYB, SYB & IYB at global level.

Discover how to craft business concepts, put them into action, and expand your enterprise with the structured learning path created by the International Labour Organization (ILO). The program features interactive business simulation sessions that are designed to enhance your understanding of the workforce, migration, and fostering large-scale business networks and ventures.


Generate Your Business Idea (GYB)


Idea leads to Business


Start Your Business


Start your Business with ease


Improve Your Business


Improve your Business with ease

The American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute (AHLEI) accredited Sunil Somarajan as a Certified Hospitality Educator competent to conduct training on hospitality skills at global level.

The International Labour Organisation have developed the Small Business Competitiveness (SBC) Programme  to provide start-up and operational guidance to enterprises and entrepreneurs in the tourism and hospitality sector. Many of the small and micro enterprises in the tourism & hospitality sector in South and South-East Asia are currently not served by conventional business development and support services for reasons such as social and geographic isolation, inequality, resource constraints, and lack of empowerment in some communities. 

The National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) accredited Sunil Somarajan as a Certified Master Trainer and Master Assessor competent to conduct training for Trainers & Assessors at national level.

Master Trainer is a senior trainer who is an expert in every stage of the training cycle and accredited by a recognised professional body. Master Trainers are competent and authorised to deliver Traning of Trainers (ToT) programme.

ToT are training programmes that equip subject matter experts who are new to the training field as well as experienced trainers with the necessary training delivery skills. They also learn the principles of adult education to create a positive and productive learning environment for training adults.

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) accredited Sunil Somarajan as a Certified FoSTac Trainer competent to  conduct training for Food Safety Supervisors at national level.

It is the responsibility of all Food Business Operators (FBO) in India to comply with Food Safety & Standards Act 2006. Foodborne illness are a major threat to food businesses and affect everyone all over the world as a result of inadequate food safety. Therefore it is essential that all food handlers be trained on the principles of food safety and to ensure compliance in the work environment for delivery of safe food to consumers.

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Sajan N K

Team Leader, IT Sector


“After taking these online management courses, I noticed an instant boost in my confidence and decision-making. My team has also seen a positive change in how we tackle challenges together. It’s a game-changer!”

Preethy R

Printing Business


“As a new entrepreneur, the strategic planning and leadership training here have been invaluable. The flexible learning schedule and the interactive scenarios were perfect for my hectic startup life.”


Rajeev Madhavan

Project Manager, Construction


“The construction industry demands strong leadership, and the training here meets that need head-on. The modules on conflict resolution and resource management were particularly outstanding.”

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