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How to join in Start and Improve Your Business (SIYB) Training program?


Introduction – Start and Improve Your Business

“SIYB” stands for “Start and Improve Your Business.” It is a program developed by the International Labour Organization (ILO) to promote small-scale entrepreneurship. The program offers a range of training packages and tools to help potential entrepreneurs to start and grow their businesses. Here’s a guide on how entrepreneurs can join the SIYB program:

Step 1: Assess Eligibility

The SIYB program often targets specific groups such as youth, women, and sometimes it may be tailored to particular sectors or regions. First, determine whether you fit within the target group of an SIYB program near you.

Step 2: Find a Local SIYB Program

Search for an active SIYB program in your region. This could be done through:

– *Online Search*: Look for SIYB programs in your region using search engines.
– *ILO Website*: Check the official ILO website for information on SIYB programs.
– *Local Agencies*: Contact local business support agencies, entrepreneurship incubators, or chambers of commerce.

Step 3: Contact the Program Providers

Once you’ve located a program, reach out to the providers. This can usually be done via email, phone, or sometimes an online form on the website of the organization that runs the SIYB program locally.

Step 4: Understand the Offerings and Requirements

Gain a thorough understanding of what the program offers, such as:

– Training (e.g., business idea generation, business plan development, marketing, financial management)
– Mentoring and coaching
– Access to finance
– Networking opportunities

Also, inquire about any prerequisites they might have, like educational background or the stage of your business idea.

Step 5: Registration/Application

If you’re eligible and interested, you’ll need to register or apply for the program. This process may vary depending on the local provider but typically involves filling out an application form with personal details, business idea descriptions, and possibly prior business experience.

Step 6: Await Selection

There may be a selection process based on the number of applicants and the capacity of the program. Be prepared to provide additional information or go through an interview process.

Step 7: Participate Actively

If selected, immerse yourself fully in the program. Attend all the training sessions, workshops, and networking events. Utilize the resources and support provided to enhance your business skills.

 Step 8: Follow-up and Apply Learning

Many programs also offer follow-up services after the initial training segment. Engage with these services to refine your business management skills continually.


Build networks with fellow entrepreneurs and trainers during the program. These connections can be invaluable for future collaboration and support.

Stay Engaged with the Entrepreneurial Community

Even after completing the SIYB program, stay active in the entrepreneurial community for continued learning and support network growth.

Remember, joining an SIYB program is just the beginning. Your success as an entrepreneur will depend on how you apply what you learn to your business. Stay dedicated, embrace continuous learning, and adapt to feedback and changes in the business environment.

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